Who can practice Sanse?

Anyone. Sanse is a practice open to anyone and everyone. And we truly accept everyone. There are no rituals or ceremonies, Spirits, or anything else of that nature, that is for “Puerto Ricans Only” so commonly found in other ATRS, who restrict access to other outside the culture making certain Spirits, Ceremonies and Knowledge for “Cubans Only” or “Haitians Only” etc.

Believe it or not this is way more common than you think. But, you mustn’t pay any attention to those involved in that nonsense. They simply show their true ignorance (meaning lacking knowledge) of the Spiritual World and Spiritual Laws.

Sanse has no restrictions against homosexuals, transexuals, bisexuals, or any other type of sexuality. Sanse does not ask you to leave your Religion to join. It doesn’t matter what religious background you come from.

Sanse has no discrimination based on race or gender. There is no level of development that is barred to anyone based on any such things.

One who is an initiate of Sanse and practioner is known as a Sansista. Sansistas also commonly refer to themselves as Mediums, Espiritistas or Brujos. But you can be an Espiritista or Brujo without being a Sansista, but you cannot be a Sansista and not be the other two.

Sanse tradition does not have any ranks. Everyone is equal. Just like in life and in the eyes of God, we are all brothers and sisters and are equal. All Sansistas and Mediums are just either less or more advanced in their Spiritual Development. And the evolution and unraveling of their Cuadros and spiritual abilities. Those at a further stage of development are encouraged to assist those less developed Mediums to develop their abilities.

Anyone can be initiated into Sanse as well. And we will go into that further on the initiation pages.


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