Initiation Into Sanse


Initiation into Sanse, as has been said before, is open to anyone no matter age, race, gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

And people undergo initiation into Sanse for a variety of reasons.

Some undergo initiation to receive Spiritual Protection, others to put Balance in their lives, others to fix certain issues or problems they may be facing, to be healed yet some are initiated to develop further as Sansistas and Mediums. Thus as you can see, Initiation into Sanse (or parts of it) can and are done for a variety of situations.

In these pages, I will be approaching and speaking about in initiation in terms of those who plan to further develop as Sansistas. But understand, that much of the process applies to those undergoing it for other purposes as well.

Initiation into Sanse is a process as with all things.

The Full Initiation in Sanse is known as the Bautizo. The Bautizo generally takes up to four to seven days to complete. But before this, there are other steps and initiations/ceremonies to receive and complete.

But the first step, prior to any of that is the Consulta de Investigacion (Spiritual Consultation). This special consultation investigates your Cuadro to find out what you have and what you need. Meaning, what Spirits or Misterios and Guides you have within your Cuadro. We also investigate what your Cuadro may want to add or need in addition to the usual ceremonies. And from there we start the process.

This consultation may be done in any number of ways. Some Sansistas use cards, others use cowries, others use only their Cuadro and Spiritual Vision, some call down a Lwa or Guide to do this, and yet others do a Misa to accomplish this end. The manner in which it is accomplished is not so important as the fact that it is done and done correctly.

From this step on, there are two directions in which your initiation may proceed. Since not many Houses of Sanse do/confer the second initiation, I will only be covering the most common and basic ceremony of Bautizo in Sanse.

There are other ceremonies which can be/ are conferred upon the initiate after the Bautizo. Those will not be discussed here.

Since this is highly secret and classified information, I will be proceeding with caution. You must also understand that certain information you will need to be initiated to know . . . .



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  1. im a santeria and it has came up a few times in my misa that i had to get baptized in sanse and in 21division but I have never found anyone who is a sansista in nyc I was wondering what ican do?

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