Ceremonies of Sanse


Sansistas have many different types of ceremonies that we conduct for both the public and private individuals. Here you will find some of the more common ceremonies:

Misa Espiritual-

This is a Spiritual Mass. This is a public ceremony, where Sansistas, calling upon their guides and Misterios give important spiritual messages to different members of the Congregation.

This is the most commonly done public ceremony. This is also sometimes referred to as a Sanse itself.

Unlike Cuban practitioners of Misas, in Sanse, just like in Espiritsmo, a Misa is an open forum for any and all Spirits. These Misas help the congregants and the Sansistas alike. By doing the Misa (or working the Misa as it is known), Sansistas do charity and thus elevate and further unravel their spiritual abilities.

And the public benefit by receiving the prophesizes, getting healed, being cleansed spiritually, etc.

Fiesta Espiritual-

Similair to the Misa, but this is done without a table. This is also a public ceremony. In this ceremony, it is common to have music (either by drums or some other source) and the Sansistas gather, dance and call upon their Cuadros to give messages, prophesize, cleanse, heal, and resolve issues for the congregants.


This is a public ceremony. It is a prayer ceremony and a ceremony of elevation. In this ceremony many candles are lit. As above, predictions and spiritual messages are given to the public.

There are various types of velaciones as well.

As you can see, something that is very important in all Sanse Ceremonies is prophesizing, giving spiritual messages, and helping people resolve their problems.

Unlike other ATRs, whose public ceremonies mostly focus on Spiritual Possession of it’s initiates, Sanse encourages the development of all one’s faculties. During public ceremonies, messages and prophesizes are passed by Sansistas possessed or not (using their other spiritual faculties)

In Sanse, the name of a Spirit is not so much important as the message it gives. Does the message assist, help or guide the person in some positive way? Is it true? Does it reveal something?

We are not interested in people who get “possessed” and just dance around shaking people’s hands. I am not saying this doesn’t have it’s place, but in Sanse we are focusing on the positive development of one’s Spiritual Abilities, Practices , Cuadro and Spirits so that they can truly assist the individual in some concrete way.

As far as private ceremonies, I will go into those further in the initaition pages of this site.





  1. Moises (el Brujo de Monte)

    I agree! Why a Lwa or Orisha will come down from his domain to walk around shaking hands and not give a message to his childen. I don’t understand that.

  2. Christina Ellexcee King

    Have you ever been part of that? Because I was interested and very impressed with these “free lessons” until I read the Insult covered in nice words about not being interested in possession and walking around shaking hands… lol perhaps they had nothing to say to you in particular, but as un Aleyo con medio asiento, I have been to several and more than half the times, what has come out of the Orisha’s mouth, has left me with my mouth on the floor. I have never seen it be just walking around and shaking hands unless I’m at my sons open house. I’m sorry haven’t been able to experience it the way I have. I really hope one day you do and maybe will understand. You’re mixing two very different ceremonies OK best to you. Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. Firstly, You assumed it to be speaking about Santeria, but no tradition was mentioned. You must’ve witnessed it yourself in order to make such an assumption.

      Secondly, I’ve witnessed tons of ceremonies where that is all they do. I’m not looking for a message, in fact, it was all they did the entirety of the ceremony. I’m not in need of a message, but there are others there who are.

      I haven’t mixed anything, I clarified on a very real thing that is happening way tooo often. It’s something that has not just been witnessed by me, but by many many others. Mostly complained about by members of those very same sects.

      Lastly, as we say in the Caribbean, if you’re soup is good then no need to go looking for another. So if it’s working for you, no need to be searching for other traditions. I’m glad that it is working for you and many blessings.

      Papa Hector

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