Sanse and Animal Sacrifice

Well, if you’ve been looking for an ATR tradition where there is no Animal Sacrifice, then you have found it.

In keeping with Espiritismos values, Most Sansistas believe that blood is for God and for God only. And God does not need physical offerings or sacrifices, if He/She/It needs it, He is the Creator of All Things and will just take it. Doesn’t need any permission or gift.

Thus, in most Casas de Sanse animal sacrifice is never done. But pay attention, I said most. There are Casas de Sanse and Sansistas who do practice animal sacrifice within their lineage or practice. But even in those Houses, this is most usually reserved for very important things only, such as initiations, certain consecrations, etc. However, overall, it is a very rare thing to see.

In Sanse, we work directly with the Spirits, Spiritual Energy & Power. (Fuerza Espiritual/Luz) We know that God has given us all things within us that we need spiritually. Everything on the outside is simply a tool and a training wheel for YOUR development with the Spirits.

But training wheels are not meant to be on forever. Eventually, if you keep them on too long they end up becoming crutches and you will never learn to walk on your own.

We respect those who do practice animal Sacrifices (and some Sansistas, such as myself, are initiated in other Traditions and perform it when fulfilling those duties) but it is not something so commonly done in Sanse.

We will use animals from time to time, but the animals are almost never sacrificed. They are let go or set free, or kept as pets for a time, etc.

In my specific lineage of Sanse, no animal Sacrifice is done.



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