Centinela or Guia Principal



The Centinela or Guia Principal is your Principal Spiritual Guide and Leads that part of your Cuadro Espiritual.

This Guide will be like your own personal gate keeper. He or she sends and delivers messages, assists in your spiritual development, opens the doorway to the Spirits you are calling, closes it to those who are no good for you or are negative. This Guide is extremely important!

In fact, most Sansistas call this guide into possession most often, rather than calling the Misterios or Muertos. Why not just get in contact with the Misterios? Because this guide is closer to us, closer to our level of existence, and therefore easier to call.

To call the Misterios, more energy must be generated and it is much more work. Calling our Guides, because of their closeness to us and because guides work with us on a one on one basis, naturally it is easier to do. Therefore we exert the least amount of energy to still get the greatest amount of benefit.

Sansistas can also call upon the dead that belong to one Division or another. Meaning, if a living person (ie we’ll use Joe in this example) was a servant of Candelo during life and died, that person can be called up “with the Corrientes” (Spiritual Forces) of Candelo. He may thus also be known as Candelo Joe. Or Joe Candelo.

Do not misunderstand this as many have. It does not mean that Sansistas cannot call Misterios. I can and have seen many Sansistas call pure Misterios.

The Principal guide can take the messages between the person and Misterio quickly anyway. And if our Principal guide cannot handle it, well he/she will call the Misterio to come. Less energy and force needs to be exerted by the Sansista and he/she still attains the same result.

Each guide is specific to you and ONLY You. Unlike the Misterios who are called upon by tens of thousands, your guide is only working with you. Since they are closer to our plane, and many have lived before, they can better understand us and our situations, feelings, wants and desires. Thus our relationship with our Guide very easily becomes strong. As those who understand each other, often become very close to each other.

Theres tons more that I could write about this topic, but this should be enough to give you a basic understanding for the time being . . .



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