Mystery of Sanse

Los Guias y Los Sanses


The other part of Sanse, or other ½ of the tradition, is working with one’s Ancestors and Guias Espirituales. (Spiritual Guides)

Ancestor service, working with Los Muertos (lit the Dead), is so essential in a Sansista’s practice. It makes up ½ of this ½. Remember, you got to know where you’ve been to know where you are going! Your ancestors made you and without them you wouldn’t be here.

Ancestors also have a huge and powerful ability to affect our lives.

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The other 25% is made up of your Spiritual Guides. (Guias Espirituales) Spiritual Guides come from all places, all kinds of races, and all kinds of different specializations just as there are people in life. Out of all your Spiritual Guides, however, one stands above the rest. This is known as your Guia Principal or Centinela (Principal Guide or Messenger)

These are elevated Spirits who come to help us (humanity) and by doing so, further elevate themselves. They are protectors, messengers (between us and the Misterios), healers and have many other roles. They guide and assist us in making the proper decisions and making the proper moves.

Many of these Spirits were living at one time. However, not all. Some are totally Spiritual entities that were never incarnated on earth.

Now, for sanity’s sake, Sansistas have grouped different types of Spiritual guides together. These groups are referred to as Commisiones or Commisions. However, these guides are not actually always in a group.

There are many commisions, but I will give you some of the most common ones below.

1. Chamanes, Brujos, Trabajadores Espirituales

These guides were at one time Shamans, Witches, Healers or other types of Spiritual Workers. They assist spiritual workers in doing spiritual work, healings, giving recipes for spiritual works, etc.

2. Gitanos and Gitanas

Gypsies. The Romany Gypsies were at one time brought to Puerto Rico. So it’s no surprise to find them here. There are male (gitanos) and female (gitanas) Gypsy spirits.

These Spirits assist in divination,(especially with tools such as playing cards, crystal balls, tarot), working magical spells and charms, and excelling at the arts.



3. Madamas and Madamos

These are the elevated Spirits of old African Slaves in Puerto Rico. Madamas and Madamos usually represent those who served as nannies, butlers, servants and maids.

They are concerned with the home, children, healing, cleansing, making spiritual baths, and “folk” charms and spells.

There are a variety of kinds, some work with water, some with earth, fire, in the woods, in the sea, etc.

4. Piratas

These are the elevated Spirits of Pirates, believe it or not! Pirates were well known in Puerto Rico so it really is no surprise.

5. Indios

These are Spirits of dead Indians. These Spirits assist in all areas, especially healing, shamanism, and the development of spiritual abilities.

6. Orientales

These are the Oriental Spirits. These Spirits are of Asian background. They assist with Spiritual Development, Prosperity, Luck, and Fortune.



7. Arabes

These represent the Arabic Spirits. The Spirits know secret Muslim Magick and the working with Djinns and other similar practices.

8. Sanacion

Healing. This commision is comprised of all the Spirits of healing. Such as Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Professionals. Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez is a well known Guia of this Commision.

9. Congos

Congo Spirits. The Spirits of dead Congo people in the Carribean. Well known for their magical abilities.


10. Santos

Saints. This refers to the actual spirits of the Saints (not Lwases or Misterios). Such as St. Barbara, St. Clara, etc.

11. Hindu

This is the group of spirits of the Hindus.



12 Angeles

This is the Angels. Not to be confused with the Misterios who are represented by many of their images.

13. Esclavos

Spirits of dead slaves who now come to consult and help the living.

These are just a few of the many different commisions that exist. To give you a basic understanding.

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  1. I have an altar dedicated o my spirit guides and misterios however I am not initiated in 21 divisions or sanse but I give offerings to the misterios as they do in 21 divisions is this a positive or negative thing to do ??

  2. WOW! I have a Haitian Vodou back ground yet this has always been my belief. Which always made my spiritual prospective different from the other Haitian Vodou practitioners. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE VODOU but this seems like it is the other peace of the puzzle.

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