A cuadro espiritual (lit. spiritual frame) simply speaking of one’s personal spiritual power. Every being in the world has a Cuadro. It has been given to us by God to assist us in our development. Now what comprises one is quite large.

A cuadro is composed of all of a person’s spiritual abilities (sp. Dones), guardian angel, Spirits, Ancestors, Guides, and spiritual baggage. It is the Spiritual Power given by God and the Spirits. The cuadro must be developed and nutured thoughout one’s life in order to continue the process of elevation.

Having a good, strong, clean caudro can promote and also be a sign of having success, luck, prosperity, honor, respect and love. Throughout one’s life, Sansista constantly work at promoting and elevating their cuadros and by doing so attain the same elevation and prosperity in life.

Many Sansistas (as well as Espiritistas) often consider their gifts to be inherited, and although this is common, we all truly recognize that it has been given to us by God. These gifts may be inherited by other family members, activated by being around someone who has their own gifts, or in some other way awakened. Once awakened, the individual has truly tapped into the spiritual core of their personal power.

A Cuadro can be elevated, nutured, grown in a positive way, but it can also be ruined or misused. It can be neglected, diminished and grow weak. Sanse teaches the elevation, strengthening, alignment and beneficial use of your Cuadro.

Spiritual balance and alignment is always one of the main goals of Sanse and Sansistas. We know that by attaining spiritual balance, physical balance will come. Thus living a life with prosperity, luck, and love. And by living in alignment with God’s will, we get all those things that belong to us and become who we were meant to be!

Initiation into Sanse aligns, activates, cleanses, strengthens and seals one’s Cuadro Espiritual (we’ll speak about that on another page) But one’s Cuadro may also do many of these things itself, and many beginning on this path is due to their Cuadro opening up, becoming active and pushing them to this direction.

Cuadros often described in many ways. Cuadro de Luz (Cuadro of Spiritual Light) refers to a clean, positive and spiritually balanced Cuadro. A Cuadro may also be referred to as Positivo (lit Positive), Limpio (Clean), Fuertes (Strong), or Preciosos (Precious). They can also be described negatively as Sucios (dirty), Atrasado (dragging), Destruido (Destroyed), Debil (weak). Quite naturally, there are reasons for each condition.

Many Sansistas (though not all) also believe in Reincarnation. Ever wonder why, even though you are a good person, bad things always happen to you? Why you just can’t seem to get ahead no matter how hard you try? Why you just can’t seem to be happy or fulfilled even though, technically speaking, you have everything you want? Why there is always one area of your life lacking or having a black hole?

It just might be your Cuadro. It might need to be elevated or cleansed.

A Cuadro can gather up negative attachments just as easily as good ones. There are a variety of situations that you could be under, but in one way or another, it has something to do with your Cuadro and a Spiritual Imbalance.

There is much more to learn about the Cuadro Espiritual . . . . .





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  2. Hello my name is Luis, i am Puerto Rican of 40 years of age. I have been reading tarot to a select few since i was 19 and have always seen and heard spirots, although i have tried to ignore them. Today i was meditating and asked for answers from God and came upon your page buy a miracle. The section on Sanse, felt like home to me. And i devowered the information. I have practiced everything from Brujeria and recieved my collares and guerrilleros when i was in my 20 but my padrino was a bad man and i lost faith. I have been lost for many years but God led me to u and i want to learn more.

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