Los 7 Jefes de Sanse

The Seven Chiefs of Sanse


Las 7 Divisiones




This is the basic principle and framework of Sanse. And one important thing, before we go into this, is the following explanation:

There are many lineages of Sanse and many ways it is practiced. That is why this is known as a true Mystery Tradition. Why? Because every individual’s Cuadro and Spirits are different, and thus everyone works differently. Once you are initiated, your Cuadro unravels (develops) within you naturally and IT WILL TEACH YOU. You will have a direct line to your Spirits and how you are supposed to do your thing. Sanse gives us the basis, the foundation and the framework to develop further and work with whatever it is we need to.

Therefore, different lineages and practices may call things by different names but they all basically have the same foundation. For example, what I refer to as Division Del Cementerio (Division of the Cemetary) others may refer to as Division Gede (Gede’s Division), Division de Baron (Baron’s Division), etc and so on. But the foundation remains the same.

Likewise, some Sansistas refer the groups as Divisions, others as Familias, others use both terms as well as others.

We know, for a fact, that there are many ways to do any job and get it completed. Thus Sanse teaches us, as the saying goes “there are many ways to skin a cat” Thus, you will find that there are different practices from place to place, but they are all different roads the in the end lead to the same.

The main Guides and teachers of the Sanse Tradition are known as Misterios. We have other Spirits, which we will cover later, but the Misterios are what compromise Las 7 Divisiones. We also refer to them as Lwases (Lwas), Santos (Saints) and Angeles (Angels). Many of these same Law (or other Paths of the Same Lwa) can be found in other Traditions, such as Las 21 Divisiones (Dominican Vodou) or Haitian Vodou. However, in each system/tradition, they are approached and worked with differently.

1. Division Del Cementerio (Division of the Cemetery)



We recognize the leader of this Division as Baron Del Cementerio. This Division is comprised of the Cemetery and all it’s Spirits & Misterios. Baron Del Cementerio is recognized with the image of San Elias del Monte Carmelo (St. Elijah)

However Baron is not to be confused with San Elias, who is known to be another Misterio entirely, although belonging to the same Division. In Sanse, this Division is also known as Division de los Guedeses (the Division of the Guedes), Division de Baron (Baron’s Division) and Division Negra (Black Division).

This Division is very powerful in bringing back lovers, bringing about wealth, reversing hexes, doing negative magic, cleansing one spiritually, and doing powerful magic. Also in Spiritual Communication and it’s development.

The color of this Division is Black or White or a combination of both. A black cloth with a white cross is common, as is a white and black checkered cloth.

2. Division de Papa Lebanes-



This Division is comprised of all the Misterios which control the opening of doorways, paths and other like endeavors. The leader is Papa Leba (or Legba) who is recognized with the image of Saint Anthony of Padou (San Antonio de Padua)

Thus this Division is also known as the Division of the Doors (de las Puertas), Division Abre Camino (Open Path Division), or Division Papa Leba (Papa Leba/Legba’s Division)

Whenever one’s paths or doors are closed, this Division is worked with. This Division rules over opening one’s paths, getting work or finding something that was lost, bringing in blessings, prosperity, luck, etc.

The Color of this Division is Brown.

3. Division Soley (Division of the Sun)



La Division Soley or Division del Sol is comprised of all the Misterios that bring about illumination, spiritual abilities, spiritual communication, wisdom, truth and knowledge.

The leader of this Division is Gran Soley recognized in the image Ecce Homo.

As can be expected, this Division is VERY VERY IMPORTANT during the Sanse Initiation Process.

The color of this Division is Yellow/Orange and White.

4. Division del Agua (Water Division)



This Division is the group of native Taino Indians. Tin Djo Alagwe, or San Rafael (Angel Raphael), is the leader of this Division. This Division also is comprised of all the Spirits that rule over Water.

This Division is often consulted to cleanse people spiritually, bring prosperity, luck, love, healing, and removing obstacles.

The Color of this Division is Green

5. Division de Metresas (Division of Metresas (female Spirits))



This Division is comprised of all the female Misterios. The leader of this Division is known as Metresili. Metresili is seen in the Mater Dolorosa image.

This Division is often consulted to resolve problems in love, harmony, peace, unity in the home, to attain a good husband, cleanse negativity and reverse hexes, cleansing, and wealth.

The color of this Division is Pink

6. Division Del Fuego (Division of Fire)



This Division is comprised of all the Misterios of Fire. This Division’s ruler is known as Candelo Cedife, which is associated with St. Charles Borromeo.

This Division is also known as Division Candelo (Candelo’s Division).

This Division is mostly consulted for reversing hexes, getting revenge or justice, resolving difficult cases, cleansing, protection, and improving business and work.

The Color of this Division is Red.

7. Division De Belcanes



La Division De Belcanes is comprised of all the Misterios that deal with Justice. This is also sometimes referred to as Division Guererro or the Warriors Division. This division is also known as Division de Justicia (Justice Division) or Division del Aire (Air Division)

This Divisions leader is known as Belie Belcan who is seen as St. Michael the Archangel. The Ogunes can also often be seen working in this Division (or the fire division) depending on the punto.

This Division is consulted when resolving issues with enemies, justice, war, or destruction are needed.

The color of this Division is Dark Blue.

You will notice that many Misterios cross paths in different Divisions. Meaning they may belong to more than one. However, when they are called in different Divisions (or paths) they are worked with differently.

But this is only some of the Mystery and Power that is Sanse, read on further



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  1. saludos, estoy tratando de entrar y ver de que manera ustedes pueden abundar mas sobre los misterios, ya que fuy bautizado mas de 20 años y como siempre uno no lo sabe todo, me puedes ayudar, gracias

  2. You really should write a book, this is very good. It almost sounds like you write with a muse or spirit. It just feels like this information was meant to reach me:)
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