Bautizo De Los Sanses

Las 7 Divisiones

This is what is most commonly referred to when speaking of the Bautizo in Sanse. As you will understand, I am limited to what I am able to tell you.

Prior to the intiation, the initiate-to-be is required to fast and follow restrictions for a certain period of time. During this time, immediately before the initiation, there are also other ceremonies and rituals that are to be done by the candidate as instructed by the Madrina or Padrino (GodMother or GodFather/Initiatior)

Likewise, the Padrino will also be doing certain rituals and ceremonies for a certain period of time in his Bayi on behalf of the initiate. All tooo unfortunately, these days, people are skipping over these steps in order to speed up the process. These rituals, done by the Padrino, are highly secretive and serve to announce and activate the candidate’s cuadro.

The candidate (initiate to be) will be taken to a variety of places (or at times, things of those places will be brought into the bayi, altar room) such as the cemetery, the crossroads, the river, the woods, etc and in each location will receive certain ceremonies in dedicated to each of the 7 Divisions.

This part can be done singularly or in groups. Many times it is done, in groups, to save time, money, etc. The following parts however, must be done one at a time.

Once the candidate is finished receiving these ceremonies, he/she is taken to the bayi (altar room) that has been specially prepared for him/her. In there, he will receive certain mysteries and ceremonies, which cannot be discussed here, to fully consecrate him/her into the mysteries of Sanse.

But to give you the basics, the candidate’s Cuadro will be aligned, strengthened and sealed. His Guia Prinicipal, or Principal Guide, will also be consecrated and baptized into his head. As well as he will receive other ceremonies and empowerments/reception of spiritual forces according to his/her Cuadro.

Once the initiation is complete, some (though not all) celebrate the candidates success with a Fiesta Espiritual.

For a certain period of time, the new initiate is given some general rules and restrictions to follow. These often vary according to his/her Cuadro. Now the candidate is a fully initiated Sansista, and his/her Misterios, Guias and Cuadro will continue to develop and unravel within him.



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