Sanse Vs Las 21 Divisiones

Unfortunately, Sanse has had some bad attention. Some say that Sanse is nothing more than “watered down” 21 Divisions, others say that it is weaker, or lesser, and still yet others do not give it the respect it truly deserves. Probably because it really doesn’t confer a grand title.

But as a practitioner of both Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones, I am fully aware and have seen the differences, the likenesses, and I want to clear up some of this misinformation. I love, respect and practice both traditions. But I want to clear up some things.

For those who say Sanse is nothing more than “watered down” 21 Divisions, I would like to say a simple thing: How do you like it when the Haitians (or Haitian Vodouisants) say that Las 21 Divisiones is nothing more than “watered down” Haitian Vodou? Unfortunately, I have heard both of these opinions all too often. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sanse is not “watered down” 21 Divisiones, or anything else. It is it’s own practice. It is what is native to us, Puerto Ricans. Sanse and Espiritismo. Although I am a Papa Boko and Houngan, I was born and raised in a family full of Sansistas, Espiritistas and Brujos. I am Puerto Rican and was born an Espiritista and will die one.

I was not born a Papa Boko or a Houngan (which you really cannot be, this must be attained, trained and developed), but I was born an Espiritista and Brujo. I am very proud to be Puerto Rican and an Sansista.

It was Sanse that took me to further my practices in the 21 Divisions and Haitian Vodou. To make that clear, I was further initiated into those practices to deepen my connection with the Spirits that I have which come from those traditions. But I am a Sansista & Espiritista first, and always have been.

As we always say the Misterios truly work in mysterios ways. For example, Cuadro made me well known as a Houngan in the online community. But most of my local clientel, have always known me as a Sansista or Papa Boko, and although some of them know I am a Houngan of Haitian Vodou and some don’t, most still approach me for Sanse or 21 Divisions. As such, spiritual services such as Misas, Fiestas Espirituales, Manis, Priyes and Prillis are much more common in my home than Fetes.

And I have been to Haiti, Santo Domingo, Mexico, and many other places. Seeing all types of things being done all over. Good and Bad. And I still know that Espiritismo is my true Home and teaches Universal Truths and Knowledge.

However, whatever ceremonies I am doing, I make sure that it is clear that that is what I am doing. I do not mix and match it together. I am well trained (and train my people well) to officiate the ceremonies of all the different traditions according to the regimens of said tradition.

Also, for those who say Sanse is nothing but a mixed match system, you show your true lack of knowledge of what Sanse truly is. I hope that this website will help to further inform you. And ALL SYSTEMS, TRADITIONS AND RELIGIONS, were created by man (with or without Spiritual Guidance/Intervention) at some point. That is how they came about. Sanse does not have indoctrination, such as other traditions.

Sanse is an open tradition. A tradition of it’s people and practitioners. Thus we always advocate, Remember Who You Are and Where You Come From. Thus Sansistas serve THEIR Spirits. As such, it would be no surprise to see someone with Jewish ancestry serving Jewish Spirits, or someone with Taino in their blood to be very devoted to the Indio Division. Or for someone of Native American Ancestry to mount a Spirit from that tradition at a Misa. And if someone is part Cuban, don’t be surprised to see them serving Orishas. And Sanse teaches it’s practioners how to do it and do it effectively.

How? Because Sanse is not based on dogma, indoctrination or heavy rules, regimens or taboos. Sanse is based on DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH THE SPIRITS. Yes, we show you the framework, and from there the Spirits themselves will expand it for you.

Thus someone who is in direct contact with Oshun, for example, will be told by Oshun how to do whatever he/she needs to do to help his/herself. INIITIATION RITUALS OF ALL RELIGIONS/TRADITIONS IN THE WORLD SOLE AIM IS TO ACHIEVE THIS DIRECT CONNECTION WITH THE SPIRITUAL WORLD IN SOME FASHION OR ANOTHER.

Sanse Misas and other Spiritual Ceremonies are an Open Forum for any and all GOOD Spirits. Sometimes bad ones are brought up, as well, in order to remove them, or cleanse someone of their energies.

Another myth is that Sansistas only mount Muertos (Dead Spirits) and Guias (Guides). Or those are the only types of Spirits that can show up at a Misa. If a Misterio comes to a Misa, that it is always a dead “con Corriente” (with the energy (this will be discussed in another section)) of Misterio. This is one of the ideas/myths/beliefs that I am sorry to say, I find the most hilarious of all.


Because many of these individuals would consider a Misterio/Orisha/Nkisi strong enough to do any thing else (reunite lovers, help people get work) and yet they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that a Misterio/Orisha/etc has the power to come to a Sanse Ceremony where it is an Open Forum for Good Spirits! The reason they are called Misterios is because they are Mysteries and work in mysterious ways.

Now, for it to come “con Corriente” or “En Camino”, I will say is much more common than to have a pure Misterio. However, I have seen it done, I know it can be done, I have done it, and that is the Truth. And truth is I’ve seen many cases in which Misterios/Orichas give more help, prophesize more, and tell more Truths at a Sanse Ceremony than a Lucumi Bembe, 21 Division Mani, etc. I can say the opposite has also been true.

You see in Sanse, a Spirit is expected to prove his/herself. To help the people. To give evidence and truths to show themselves. Just dancing, saluting, or shaking hands is not considered sufficient. Unfortunately, I have seen/been to too many Bembes and Fetes where this is all that is done.

Misterios, Orichas, Nkisis are not limited in their powers or abilities. It is the horses, servants and followers who are. They do not live in a box, it is those horses/servants who live in a box and thus limit themselves and their Spirits. The Spirits are not limited to time, space, location or environment.

The Spirits are here to help all. Not just a selected few. Yes, not all things and problems can be resolved in the manner in which we want them to. Yes, not all people are meant to become initiates, Sansistas, Espiritistas, Santeros, Papa Bokos etc. But not everyone has the same background, ancestors, life path, experiences, or Guiding Spirits either. In the world, we need everyone, all people of all paths, in order to make it.

That is why Sanse is not big on titles. Sanse says Everyone is Important. Everything is Important. We need carpenters, masons, cashiers, electricians, etc just as much as we need Priests. Neither one is necessarily higher or better than the other, more than likely just more or less Spiritually Developed.

For those who are misinformed in thinking that Sanse is weaker or less potent than other forms. I hope to show you how you have been seriously misinformed. The power is not in the system, but in the person. It is just whether the system and the person are a match, or if the person can work within the system.

In all my years around all types of people within the ATRS, I have seen good, not so good, and just bad practitioners of all of the Traditions. My Grandmother, who was an Espiritista, was the personal consultant of many Santeros, Paleros, Caballos de Misterio (21 Divisions Servants) and Sansistas.

Also, I have seen Sansistas accomplish with a simple candle and invocation what it may take others many sacrifices, dances, offerings, herbs, parties, and all kinds of things. I know it for a fact, I have done it and do it all the time.

If anything, I think that Sanse’ s teachings to elevate your spiritual power to the level where you do not need as many physical items (or any), and still get the same result, attest to it’s great power!

I am not putting down any of the Traditions (In fact, I am initiated in some of them) . I am simply saying the facts. And as I have said, I’ve been and seen all over. I know and think (as most all Sansistas do) that all positive Religions and Traditions should be respected. They are many roads and paths to the same end. Different roads are chosen by/for different people. Unfortunately, however, it is not a belief held all around.





12 thoughts on “SANSE LESSON 13- SANSE/21DIVISIONS”

  1. Hello, thank you for posting this information. I sat here and was so intrigued, I read page to page. I must admit, although I practice Espiritismo, and, thought it was a perfect fit for me…I should be more specific, I do believe what we practice is closer to Santerismo, I find myself still looking. I feel like I am only scratching the surface. My house is strong, my Madrina is extremely loving and I feel safe knowing that she does not participate in actions that are “dark” in intention or act. I have a question for you, I am asking you, a stranger, because I am inclined to believe that you will give me the honest answer…I feel like my madrina/padrino hold back so much from me. I am not Spanish, and, I am not Haitian, I am from a french island, but, my exposure to my practice is based wholly and solely under the influence of my Puerto Rican Madrina. I feel like, there is so much potential in my quadrant that is not being allowed to develop….I have no direction. I don’t know what the motivation would be in holding me back. I am asking, in these practices, is there ever a motivation to hinder or block a “God Child’s” growth???


  2. Sansista……. I Love It. Tengo Casi 8 anos de sanse…. Ive Tried to research and learn more due to relevance of the padrinos part.. We parted after initiation.. never learned more than on my own… trying to have my own casa.. one day…. truley interested in more knowledge… and info on casa fiestas if any…


  3. Moises (el Brujo de Monte)

    I have seen sancistas or espiritistas called upon high spirits and speak in different languages fluently and did not make a difference. if it was 7 potencia africana,india,madama,congo,candelo,el negro,mama thomasa, and so… A sancista that have his cuatro espiritual adelantado is capeable of solving a serious problem with just a white candle and prayer . Everthing .is in the faith you have on your cuadro.
    A sanse don’t have barrier and taboo that hold you back in your espiritual devoelopment. A good thing of being a sance is you really don’t need a teacher.
    Jah bless thy man for the information in this website.

    1. What you say here is very true. A Sancista/Espiritista with a very elevated and progressed Cuadro is able to make miracles with the smallest amount of phyiscal materials or tools. I have done it often and do so still. The strength of the Fe and the Sancista is what pushes the work to work. Also, Sanse provides an open framework where the person is able to work with Spirits directly and not need a teacher.

  4. This is so interesting! Growing up with Haitians around me I remember there were some that did not practice vodou the way it’s known to be practiced. Instead, they believed that a white candle and a clear glass of water was all that was needed to cast a spell, call for help, solve a problem or heal the sick. Only then if the loa told them to follow a ritual for a purpose, would they do it. White was always favored amongst them. But they would not place a name on them self’s they would only sometimes say “mwen gen mister” (I have the mystery).
    As I read through these pages, the more it makes sense that what once may have worked for our pure blood ancestors (before we migrated) may no longer work for our generation. As our new generation has the need to embrace all of our ancestors that make up our blood cells, and Sanse make it possible and helps it make sense to those of us who no longer have the elders to teach us and pass the torch down to us.

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge that other would other make you pay an arm and a leg for! You have truly raised my awareness, thank you

    1. If you were born a brujo, you would certainly know it, usually, by a young age. It means that you are naturally born with the Spiritual light to work with the Spirits and do magick/help others. There are ways for those who are not born brujo to develop spiritually, but that is another topic.

      Houngan Hector

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