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The most basic Tenets and basic beliefs of all Sansistas are for the most part the same/similar to that of popular Spiritist (Espiritismo) basic Beliefs.
They are:

God exists. God is the beginning and the end, the Supreme Intelligence and Primary Cause and Creator of All Things

There are Spirits. All are created equal, but all have the power to gradually elevate and perfect themselves

Problems, trials and tribulations are all opportunities given to the Spirits in which to elevate and perfect themselves

Man is but a Spirit incarnated in a material body.

Beyond the physical world, the Spiritual world exists.

Man has the capacity to contact and communicate with the Spiritual World, as he is but a Spirit. Cats speak to cats, dogs speak to dogs, and Spirits can speak to Spirits

The Spirits have the capacity to affect/influence the material/physical world.

Good and Evil exist

Just as good and evil exist in the Physical world, so does it exist in the Spiritual World. Good Spirits affect & influence in a positive way, and negative spirits do so in a negative way

Negative spirits can cause us harm and positive ones can help us and do us good.

God has created an army of GOOD and POWERFUL Spirits and Guides to help us face whatever situation we may need.

Every effect has a Cause and every Cause has an Effect (recognize that one? It’s a natural (scientific) law as well. Well, they figured it out after Sansistas had already been told this long time ago ; ) )

There are many spiritual gifts and abilities. The important thing is to develop them.

Every person in the world is born with a “Cuadro Espiritual” or “Corte Espiritual” (Spiritual Frame or Court)

Through the development of this Cuadro, one can assist himself and others in life to resolve many different types of problems.

Faith, Hope and Charity. One should have Faith, one should have and encourage Hope in others, and one should know how to give and receive Charity.

What you put out, you get back. In some way shape or form. This is not so much karma, as Cause and Effect. If you do A, B will happen.



4 thoughts on “SANSE LESSON 1-BELIEFS”

  1. WOW! Very well said! This has always been my belief system but I never could have verbalized this way. I am a vodouisant from the Haitian Vodou Tcha-Tcha lineage and I have dreams of spirits from more than one background and I genuinely share this basic belief. Does that mean that I should become a Sansista?

  2. Papa Hector,
    Thank you very much for your love, wisdom,kindness,knowledge and light. As you know this can be a lonely and hard road to trod and it is surely not for everone. But for those of us who are called it is a blessing to find someone like you to guide us. Once again thank you for all that you have done for me and mine. Peace, Love and Many, Many, Many Blessings to you and yours.
    MaMa Sunnie

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