Welcome to the Sanse Religion!

Welcome to the Home of the Sanse Tradition of Puerto Rico. Also known as Sance, Zancie, Zance, Sanses, Puerto Rican Voodoo/Vodou, (the true) Puerto Rican Santeria.

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What Is Sanse

So lets go further into answering that question, what is Sanse?

Well, that answer can truly vary. Some practitioners consider it a religion, but the overall majority consider it a practice. Many Sansistas (initiates of Sanse) tend to consider themselves religiously Catholic, Christian, or Espiritismo (which again by many is considered another Practice), but they can be of any religious background.

But one thing that everyone can agree upon is that Sanse improves and enhances the lives of everyone it touches. And that it works!

The Sanse Tradition is a very large and complex one, and within this site, I am going to give you some further understanding of Sanse and maybe you might just find it is for you!

What is Sanse spiritually speaking? What are you dealing with, what types of spirits?

To put it simply, Sanse is a beautiful blend of Espiritismo, 21 Divisiones Practices, Taino Practices, Puerto Rican Espiritismo, and Brujeria,. Depending on the Sansista and his or her cuadro (we’ll get to that later), other practices will be added and blended in.

Sanse teaches us that there are Spirits all over the world. That your ancestors are important to your spiritual development. That development of your character is also important to you development. (We’ll go into that further later on as well) That spiritual balance promotes all the good things in life and makes life smoother for us and gives us what we want.

Are you a person who dreams of all kinds of Spirits? Orichas, Nkisis, Lwas, Dead Spirits, Egyptian Spirits, Indian Spirits, Etc all come to you? Then Sanse is more than likely your home! Welcome Home!

My aunt Nancy (name changed to protect her identity) who initiated me into Sanse, always said“Sanse is the practice of the whole world. It is for everyone. It truly accepts anyone and everyone. Everyone has Spirits, and Sanse acknowledges and respects not some, BUT ALL of a person’s Spirits and their Cuadro . . . Esto es una luz tan linda (this is such a beautiful spiritual light (for the world)”This is a very beautiful path to achieve Spiritual Balance, Peace, Harmony and True Spiritual Enlightenment, Power, and Success for you and your household. And as my Tia (aunt) said, this path is open to anyone and everyone.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sanse Religion!”

  1. Within the last year, I have been hearing about Sanse. There is not a lot of information to be found about this tradition, and I am keen to find out more and wether it is the right path for me.

  2. Alvigain rodriguez

    I want to know if I was born to talk to the dead because I could see the sometime and I could feel and I tell the person the saint are I don’t how I could do that could u tell what I have

    1. Moises (el Brujo de Monte)

      Alvigain, if u have the gift of seeing or feeling the spirits of the dead u are definitely a born medium. To enlight yourself and grow spiritually you have to pray and ask your guarding angel, which is known to be the principal guide, pay alot of attention to what they tell you and follow their advice even if someone else believes that what you are doing is not done right and once you are getting the results of what you are asking for you will be walking to the Sanse and just remember that a Sanse is thought by the spirits and never put in your mind that false saying that the doctor cannot help himself, that is not true. If you can help yourself with this spiritual gift then your definitely sure that you can help others. Blessings for you.

    1. Moises (el Brujo de Monte)

      Just remember that the power of being more spiritual is always in you .No one can make you more spiritaul but yourself. Blessing for you.

  3. Oh, when I mentioned my Puerto Rican ancestors that is because my Mother is Puerto Rican. Again as I mentioned, my father is Jewish. So I have a lot of spiritual energies combining and sending me messages since childhood. Ok, I won’t write much more–I will await your reply…

    Thanks again!

  4. Jerovon Richardson

    Being the Spiritually Independent person that I am, this sounds more in line with my Spiritual Objective of Transcendence! I would definitely like more info. in determining whether this is a good supplemental path for me.
    I incorporate all deities/spirits/ancestors into my practice for Transcendental Magical purposes…!



    1. This would definately be a good path for you if you are a natural medium. It is also if you are trying to line up with God’s Plan for you and if you are open to the Spirits of all culture.

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